A Carrion Death: Introducing Detective Kubu (Detective Kubu Series)

A Carrion Death
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Set amid the beauty and darkness of contemporary Africa, A Carrion Death is the first entry in an evocative new series cutting to the heart of today's Botswana-a modern democracy threatened by unstable neighbors, poachers, and diamond smugglers. Those trying to expose the corrupt ringleaders will find themselves fighting for their lives. Reviews Review Policy.

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It was one of the many reasons why visitors had to stay on the roads. This Botswana is not the gentle country where Precious Ramotswe efficiently solves her quiet mysteries. David Lagercrantz. The animals wouldn't eat them, certainly not with bone and bits of sinew still left. The lower part of the face had been torn away, and the back of the skull was smashed by jaws hungry for the brains. Get A Copy.

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The sixth Lisbeth Salander story--the crime-fiction phenomenon that has sold more than 90 million copies worldwide. Lisbeth Salander--the fierce, unstoppable girl with the dragon tattoo--has disappeared.

She's sold her apartment in Stockholm. She's gone silent electronically. The riverbanks consisted of mud baked to hardness by the sun. From there scattered tufts of grass spread away from the bank, becoming less frequent as they battled the encroaching sand. Beyond that the desert had won, and the first slope of loose sand ran up to the Kalahari dunes, which stretched endlessly into the haze. The two men stood under one of the trees, its canopy cutting off the heat, its roots sucking moisture from the subterranean water.

The body sprawled on the edge of a mess of twigs, leaves, and branches that had fallen to the ground over the years. Behind it lay the sand bed of the long-vanished river, patterned with tracks of animals, some old with the edges of the imprints crumbling, and some as recent as those of the disturbed hyena.

A carrion death: introducing Detective Kubu

Bongani spoke for the first time since they had spotted the vultures circling. Andries knelt next to the skull and examined it more closely.

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Although the hair was fouled with blood, one could tell it was straight and perhaps two inches long. This was a disturbing development. These days game reserves survived on tourists rather than conservation imperatives, and bad publicity would be unwelcome. You just said so," Bongani pointed out.

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They don't operate like that. Andries was reluctant to give up his simple diagnosis. Just hungry people trying to get some food. Has a few too many beers in the heat and decides to take off into the dunes to show how macho he is in his four-by-four that he's never had off-road before.

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Then he gets stuck. Bongani focused farther up and down the river. The wind, animals, and the hard stream verge could explain the lack of footprints, but a vehicle track would last for years in these conditions. It was one of the many reasons why visitors had to stay on the roads.

Bongani turned back to the body. The lengthening afternoon sun highlighted the dunes and concentrated his attention. You'd be three miles at least from the road up there," said Andries, waving vaguely upstream, "and you'd be climbing up and down through the dunes all the way. Bongani grimaced and turned to stare at Andries. Your tourist has too much to drink and sets off into the dunes, probably in an unsuitable vehicle—by himself, since no one reports him missing. He gets stuck and then has enough knowledge of the local geography to realize that following the watercourse will be the easy way back to camp.

However, he doesn't realize how much dangerous game he may encounter in the river. And, by the way, he's working on his suntan at the same time, because he sets off naked. The animals wouldn't eat them, certainly not with bone and bits of sinew still left.

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A Carrion Death: Introducing Detective Kubu

South African born Stanley Trollip lived in the United States from until his retirement in Now he divides his time between Minneapolis and Knysna, South Africa. As a professor he was interested in how computers can facilitate teaching and learning. He is also a pilot and has enjoyed many flying safaris through the countries of southern Africa.